███▄█████▀ is an upcoming space exploration and combat game

Featuring a detailed ship designer, economy, combat and a procedural galaxy of billions of stars and strange alien races.

The Galaxy is alive

With literally billions of planets and moons to explore, strange life and forgotten secrets to be found. Will your people find new worlds suitable for colonisation, or will a hostile neighbor drag you into interstellar war?

You are unique

When you start a game you could be any alien species in the galaxy, who knows what you will be born as... or customise your own species. Who you are defines your gameplay. Raise your Civilisation to greatness, but heros will fall, and some will be forgotten.

Build your own starship

Fly a lumbering cargo hauler, a fighter, or an enormous battleship. Heavily armored and bristling with weapons? or small and nimble. The choice is yours.

How can I help?

Currently the game is in pre-alpha and under heavy development, a crowd funding drive will likely be forthcoming, but in the meantime I earn money through my Design By Humans t-shirt store all sales there help keep me going. I will need funds soon to pay for legal fees for trademark etc, web hosting, and to keep eating.

About the game:

You play as a captain of a ship you build. Your actions in the game create a legacy that affect your race as it develops over time.

You play as a captain of a ship you build (unlike most games where you can only select parts that go on certain slots in a specified hull shape) you can of course buy a pre-built ship design if you don't want to design one. Your actions in the game create a legacy that affect your race as it develops over time. and your actions affect where they colonize and who they fight.

You are a member of a proceduraly generated alien race. How your race specializes in technology and relates to other alien races is based on their biology and sociology, (fearful herbivores with fast engines, violent predators specializing in powerful weapons for a simplified example.) The same is true about the aliens in the galaxy. The galaxy is procedurally generated based on real science, and contains billions of stars and planets.You manage your crew and their happiness as you fly through space. unhappy crews will react slower or might mutiny, Happy crew will repair faster, react faster and maybe give bonuses.

You will engage in space battles using realistic weaponry and a rigorous heat mechanic, getting struck by laser blasts will heat your ship, and shooting your own will flood your ship with heat, you have to manage this and avoid being immobilized and destroyed. Some weapons like cannons will produce minimal heat, but they have slow shells that can be avoided by enemies. Design your ship with these trade offs and management of heat in mind. Watch out for losing life support on a deck, your crew will slowly suffocate (if they breathe)

You can live as a peaceful explorer finding new worlds to exploit, discover and recommend planets to colonize, asteroids to mine. Attempt to foster relationships with alien races, or turn to war and possibly doom your race, or take advantage of a weaker race and exploit their territory. Take out leaders in their command to cripple them, and rise in rank and get access to command of larger ships and restricted military technologies. You will receive missions depending on your choices. As you explore fight and die your race will advance in technology developing new weapons and devices depending on your races specialties, how you play, and what technology you discover from other alien races... and alien relics which can have major boosts to your race.

Who am I?

I am William Ruhlig, Im a South African Indie game developer. I studied and worked as a Information/Graphic designer and do lots of Illustrations including some award winners. But my passion has always resided in Sci-fi epics, something Ive always wanted to be a part of. This game is a project of passion that has resided in my head till now. I never thought id have the opportunity to create it. But rather than sit and dream about it I've decided to take the risk of time away from other work to dive right in and drag it into the real world. Photonwind is my little one man studio for this. This is all possible with the help of Gamemaker, a nifty piece of software that allows someone like me with a small budget and limited experience to do amazing things. It has it's limitations, however I feel that will actually allow me to bring in novel gameplay solutions.

I wanted to create something expansive but simple, my experience with user interfaces and clean design should give an edge in this. And I hope to deliver something that will allow other people to experience and imagine brave new worlds and exciting adventures.

Follow my adventures, or contact me on twitter @photonwind and facebook.com/photonwind